Revolutionizing DAF Skim Handling and Disposal

The Upcycle Company provides critical services by intaking DAF skim from both animal harvest and prepared foods plants and processing it through its advanced, patent-pending, FOX Technology while efficiently separating the oils and protein solids from the stick water, resulting in valuable co-products and a Pasteurized, environmentally beneficial residual for land application.

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Our Service Upcycles a Plant’s DAF Skim Into Valuable Co-Products Right On Site.


“Working with Upcycle, we create value from a product that would typically not be repurposed. It fertilizes the crops we grow that supply the feed mills that feed livestock, a complete green circle. The sustainability of what we do is beneficial not only to our farm but also to the poultry industry and, ultimately, consumers.”

Wayne Belger, Owner Belger Farms

a family-run South Carolina farm with a long history of utilizing organic residuals as a supplemental fertilizer.

Revolutionizing DAF Skim handling and disposal

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