The Proven, Service-Based Solution That Eliminates Haul Away and Land Disposal of DAF Skim

The Upcycle Company provides the services that intake from both animal harvest and prepared foods plants, DAF skim and through our advanced, patent-pending, FOX Technology, efficiently separates the oils and protein solids from the stick water, enabling them to be upcycled into valuable co-products for beneficial use.

Our Services



Our Service Upcycles a Plant’s DAF Skim Into Valuable Co-Products Right On Site.


"The Upcycle Company process has proved effective at saving substantial haul away costs for our customers, especially for those large-scale operators. Providing these onsite benefits while knowing that we’re eliminating waste and avoiding material disposal is both empowering and gratifying."

Justin Spaeth, Chief Operating Officer

effective alternative to DAF skim haul away and land disposal

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