The Upcycle Company

The Environmental, Economical, and Effective Alternative to DAF Skim Haul Away and Land Disposal for both animal harvest and prepared foods plants.


Eliminates trucked haul-away and land-disposal of DAF skim. Our system is deployed and operated by The Upcycle Company on site and immediately benefits ESG and related compliance initiatives.


Substantially reduces or eliminates chemical, trucking, disposal, and non-compliance costs associated with DAF skim handling, without increasing labor and other expenses because of our services-based model.


A proven, turnkey service using our proprietary process in-place at large plants since 2018, resulting in the elimination of trucked haul-away land disposal of DAF skim and other benefits.

Our Service Upcycles a Plant’s DAF Skim Into Valuable Co-Products Right On Site.

before tuc
after tuc


We manage the entire process 24x7
Our unique on-site services process the DAF skim from both animal harvest and prepared foods plant wastewater pre-treatment systems to eliminate all costs and problems associated with land disposal.


proprietary, patent-pending, and Proven in high-volume, challenging environments
Our proprietary patent-pending FOX (Fat and Oil eXtraction) technology picks up where a plant’s wastewater pre-treatment leaves off. We upcycle DAF skim through a proprietary process that pasteurizes it and separates out co-products such as oils or proteins from treated (stick) water.


Sustainably produced proteins & oils from upcycled wastes
Upcycling is an important contributor to sustainability. Rather than negatively affecting the natural environment by injecting highly chemically treated sludge into landfills and other land disposal sites, upcycling processes extract a range of valuable commodities from it that live on through beneficial uses ranging from feed, to fuel, to fertilizer and beyond.
effective alternative to DAF skim haul away and land disposal

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